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Movie Playlist: January 2024

One line thoughts on the movies that I've watched this month- in no particular order!

"Beautiful, Simple, and Brilliant Drama."

Call me Chihiro (2023, Japan)

"Funny, Dark."

Novocaine (2001, US)

"Creepy, Surprisingly Good Supernatural Thriller."

Jagged Mind (2023, US)

"Poltergeist (1982)'s scary Pool episode had more character than this whole film"

Night Swim (2023, US)

"This girl-power action film had moments of fun, but didn't work for me"

Voluses/ Wing Women(2023, France)

"Okay-ish Flight Scare Film. Finished it only for Song Kang-ho"

Bisang Seoneon/ Emergency Declaration(2021, S.Korea)

"The wannabe of a decent serial killer thriller."

chá wú cǐ xīn/ The Abandoned (2023, Taiwan)

"Predictable heist, yet fun."

Lift (2024, US)

"Thoroughly enjoyed this underdog story."

Dumb Money (2023, US)

"This action-comedy is silly, hilarious at times, and a no-brainer."

The Machine (2023, US)

"A Pretty good urban thriller."

Parking (2023, Tamil Nadu)

"This true-crime documentary is seriously scary "

Curry and Cyanide (2023, Kerala)

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