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Movie Playlist: Nov 2023.

One line emotions on the films I saw this month.

"Atmospheric & Disturbing- yet lacks structure."

The Sacrament (2013, US)

"Had to ensure that the film is not running at 2x as it didn't make any sense to me."

Jawan (2023, IN)

"Could see the struggle to keep it as close to the original's treatment but it just didn't make any impact"

Exorcist: Believer (2023, US)

"One of the best cinematic experiences of the year, visually and auditorily."

The Killer (2023, US)

"Performances are making this movie an interesting watch."

The One I Love (2014, US)

"A pandyan-western which has style and content. Interesting watch."

Jigarthanda DoubleX (2023, IN)

"Fun, Gory and Disturbing, yet lacks vision and clarity."

When Evil Lurks (2023, Argentina)

"The oversold story doesn't even showcase Gareth's talent."

The Creator (2023, US)

"Hidden gem of the month- Must Watch."

Plaza Suite (1971, US)

"Just a tiring preaching exercise."

Nefarious (2023, US)

"A well-acted, well-written chamber crime drama."

The Outfit (2022, US)

"Hilarious and somewhat-accurate futurism"

The Second Civil War (1997, US)

"Took me on a nostalgic trip to the golden days of Dreamworks"

The Bad Guys (2022, US)

"Easily predictable, this British film didn't work for me"

Locked In(2023, UK)

"The humor got me hooked into this thriller"

The Chase (2017, S.Korea)

"Decent, nothing great about this."

To Catch a Killer (2023, US)

"Not a bad film, but this formula is not my cup of tea"

A haunting in venice (2023, US)

"Fun and Light-hearted- perfect for a Sunday."

Quiz Lady(2023, US)

"This was brilliant and probably the godfather of East-Asian crime films"

The Cure (1997, Japan)


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