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Movie Playlist: Oct' 2023

One-line thoughts on the films that I’ve watched this month!

  1. Old Dads (US): The comedy didn't work for me.

  2. Saw X (US): An unnecessary film from the Saw-verse.

  3. Thrishanku (Malayalam): A light watch with some good laughs in between.

  4. Past Lives (Korean): An Interesting character-oriented film.

  5. Pachuvum Athbuthavilakkum (Malayalam): Watchable- Fahad was annoying at times.

  6. The Black Demon (US): Guilty pleasure with some good crappy fx, bad acting and annoying characters.

  7. Leo (Tamil): Enjoyable theatrical watch.

  8. The conference (Swedish): A fun office slasher!

  9. Padmini (Malayalam): Meh.

  10. Dual (US): Interesting plot to be a black mirror episode rather than a movie.

  11. The Nun II (US): I feel offended about the time that I wasted on this.

  12. Jailer (Tamil): This was seriously fun with great production values.

  13. Totally Killer (US): A fun thriller where Back to the Future meets Scream!

  14. Joy Ride (US): An interesting road-comedy-drama.

  15. Reptile (US): Wish it had a sensible soundtrack - otherwise a good watch.

  16. Are you there god? it's me Margaret (US): A coming-of-age drama.

  17. Gunpowder Milkshake (US): Decent action flick with some John Wick-ish girls.

  18. The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming (US): Loved this retro comedy!

  19. Do not Disturb (Turkish): An interesting one-night adventure with a strong social undercurrent.

  20. The Wes Anderson / Roald Dahl Quartet (US): Beautiful visual stories.

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