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Movie Playlist: Sept' 2023

One-line thoughts on the films that I’ve watched this month!

  1. Vacation Friends 2 (US): First movie of the month. A no-brainer and wasn't that funny either.

  2. The Super Mario Bros. (US): Nostalgic and some interesting moments.

  3. Killer Book Club (Spain): Even for the hardcore slasher fan in me, the movie didn’t work.

  4. The Boogeyman (US): This was just pointless.

  5. RDX (Kerala): Was fun to watch in the big screen. No complaints!

  6. Devotion (US): A pretty interesting War Drama. Good acting and some neat flight choreo.

  7. The Night of the Hunter (US): A classic. Brilliantly written and visualised.

  8. The Beanie Bubble (US): The story of toy maker, TY. This was seriously good!

  9. Beau is Afraid (US): If you are looking for Ari Aster having a psychedelic trip, do watch this!

  10. Talk to me (Australia): Was meh and not that A24- Still watchable.

  11. Sitting in Bars with Cake (US): A feel-good chic flick(?). Cozy watch

  12. Elevator Game (US): Wish somebody else made it on a better budget.

  13. Theater Camp (US): Always loved summer camp flicks and this one will make you chuckle a lot!

  14. The Woodsman and the Rain (Japan): Felt in love with this Japanese slow-burning drama.

  15. El Conde (Spain): Stunning visuals and an engaging, fun-filled narrative of parallel history.

  16. No Hard Feelings (US): The kind of comedy that was missing! This made me LOL.

  17. Waktu Maghrib (Indonesia): Scary at times but not fulfilling. Stunning similarities to Kerala geography!

  18. Road Games (Australia): Another road rage classic from the 80s. Pleasant Surprise!

  19. The Thing from another world (US): A retro sci-fi classic which inspired a series of E.T Fun!

  20. Walk, Don’t Run (US): A classic romance from the 60s with Cary Grant in it. Enough Said.

  21. No One Will Save You (US): A well-made sci-fi thriller, but I couldn't connect to it.

  22. Evil Dead Rise (US): I was expecting silly, but this took silly for granted.

  23. Toscana (Denmark): A passive-watch countryside romance with food and all!

  24. Nowhere (Spain): A decent survival (chamber) thriller.

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