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Tips to instantly increase your productivity.

1.The 30 Minute Rule: The Same ol’ 2 Minute Rule. Just customised it to 30 minutes considering the nature of my work. Any execution of a thought, an idea or Communication that can be done in the next 30 minutes, Do it right away!

2.Your smart phone is the smartest assistant you can ever have. Use it! I don’t talk much on the phone and I do encourage people to text instead of calling as I would be able to know the matter right away and take an action based on it’s priority. I use Swipes for daily task management and Trello for Project Tracking. Started using Apple’s Workflow to automate routine actions with a single click. I use Daygram to quickly write a summary of the day before I go to bed every night. I also have mobile versions of my day-to-day applications organised in folders for easy access. (For instance, I can do my entire photography post production workflow using my phone if I am on the road).

3.Keep your workspace neat, clean and organised based on the task. I do spend sometime everyday to setup my space (occasionally based on some theme for fun).

4.I am not a good multi-tasker. For Inst: I can’t talk to Param-the little guy, on phone when I am simultaneously working on my laptop. Forget that, I cannot even listen to music when I work as I need a clean headspace to enjoy music. I learned it the hard way and now I don’t even try. Always work around your flaws.

5. Fill your non-productive hours with something useful. For Inst: You could listen to podcasts while working out, Catch up on your Youtube subscriptions while waiting for a flight, Read your flipboard feed while commute etc. Keep any passive entertainment like netflix binging, movie/music/reading to a time of the day when you feel less productive.

6. Make sure that your mind and body gets the excercise and rest it needs.

7. If you are socially awkward like me, make sure that you set atleast a couple of hours a week just for networking and social activities.

8. Never be a purist. It won’t work today. Adapt, Evolve and Constantly overhaul!


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