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Which one do you prefer?

Was asking to my class, which layout do you prefer. A or B

Most of them chose A, some chose B and many of them had valid reasons for their choices as well. So a little trivia here for design enthusiasts.

The pick can only be made if the objective is known. A is designed in a way highlighting the imagery. Could be a photographer’s book on recipe photography. B is designed to emphasise the number of steps to make the juice. Could be a book on easy recipes. Also the final application of the design matters. Where and how it will be used.

For instance, you might’ve chosen A, cause it looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing in the first glance- which is absolutely okay. The design here is dependent and laid out based on the image. Now imagine a recipe book with all of its pages like this. Slightly overwhelming right? It works perfectly as a stand-alone piece but doesn’t work as a continuous layout.

This is where B works as a layout- its easy on the eyes, its readable, lot of negative space and clearly organised. Here the design is independent on the image, which means the same layout can be used in all the pages.

Context matters!

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