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The 2Es of Productivity OR How to work smart!

While facing a problem, our quintessential goal is to create an effective solution for it. The term "Effective" doesn't warrant too much of an explanation. Any solution which completely resolves the raised issue without leaving any gaps can be called effective. In this scenario, the time that it takes you to reach that effective solution isn't a factor. You can figure it out in a day, month, or year. The only thing that matters is the effectiveness of your solution. But there is a detrimental impact the above-said ideology has on your Productivity.

"Productivity = Solutions per time"

In this metric (and also in the current world), your solutions are related to time. So the duration that you are taking to come up with and implement an effective solution is the most vital linchpin! When you can do this faster, it is an effective solution executed efficiently.

Here are a couple of pointers that will help you with efficient execution.

1. Define your objective clearly before starting the task: Understand the problem, identify the stakes and ideate your solution.

2. Evaluate the idea and set a deadline as close as practically possible: Break down the task into smaller bits, and figure out a way to solve each of these micro-tasks in the fastest way possible.

3. Use automation tools to help you with redundancy: This is where technology can be your friend. Efficient workflow tools and their proper use can help you save a lot of time.

4. Take responsibility: "You cannot claim credits if you cannot own mistakes". Consider the fact that it's your sole responsibility to effectively finish a task once committed. Do the task, test it and ensure that it is registered with the stakeholders.

5. Ask for help: It's no shame to ask for help when required. On a macro level, a timely solution matters more than how it was done.

Thanks for reading!


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