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Using Ai Enhancers for Better Concept Art.

A quick post. Wanted to share a useful tip if you are into creating concept imagery. The trick is to use a basic image editor (in this case, I've used picsart on my mobile phone) to roughly compose the photo montage , and use to generate a finite concept art. The major benefit is that you can save a lot of time fixing minute details like shadows, reflections and color matching (not even copyrights) - the ai will take care of all of that. Meanwhile, you can control the look and form of your composite by feeding in your rough composite. Let's take a deeper look

(Above) A rough composite made using google assets with picsart

(Above) Image created by by keeping the Ai Strength on the lower side to be closer to our rough composite. We can see here that the shadows, scattering and forms are better here in this image.

(Above) The generated image is upscaled by using krea's enhancer. The issue with ai-enhancers are that they cannot understand depth in a photograph yet and so the enhancement might look too loud.

(Above) Final image by overlaying the enhanced and non-enhanced images and reducing the opacity of the enhanced layer to give us better control on the output.

Hope this helps.

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May 22

Wow, this is such an awesome solution for designers! We've always struggled to convey to clients when their images are poor in quality. This tool helps us enhance the images so they fit perfectly into our designs. Thanks a lot, sir!😍😇

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