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Ai Art a.k.a the Artist Killer?

My mom will often ask me for photographs to go with her articles. Her keywords to verbally convey the idea will be pretty elaborate and specific like, 'a couple walking in a beach with sun setting behind them where you can see two birds flying above them!'. I go to google, start looking up for the above said elements, puts them all into photoshop, creates a composite, sends to mom. Now, I want you to replace me from the above scenario. Think of a machine that takes all these keywords and creates an image that never existed before. This is Ai Art, simply put.

Off late there are two things that people ask me mostly about. One is about Param and the other one is about Ai Art (Artificial Intelligence Art).

Ai Art: Using verbal prompts, an autonomous learning machine creates an image for you.

Seems cool yet this is something that people look up at with fear. If a machine can do this, what will happen to all the artists, designers, other "-ners"! Similar concerns were raised by portrait painters when the first camera was invented. Infact this is not a technology that was meant to replace a human (yet!) but merely an augmentation in their usual workflow. Just like the name of a very popular Ai tool (MidJourney), a process which happens in the middle! Art starts and ends with you.

Sharing a couple of projects where I used Ai Art to get the initial concept out with verbal prompts and later processed it using our garden-variety design tools.

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