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How to do rock-solid project presentations.

Here are tips to practise if you want to excel in your project presentations:

  • Own the presentation. No one knows it better than you in the room, so be confident (You can make mistakes and correct them without the audience even realising it!)

  • Always introduce yourself before you introduce your topic.

  • Never read from the slides. Talk about it. Keep the slides set with minimal text so that the audience won’t try and read it by themselves while you are talking.

  • Always think about the three-acts of story telling. How are you starting, how are you taking them forward and how are you concluding it.

  • Never read the titles of your slides (the audience will do it). Focus on maintaining a seamless organic flow in your speech.

  • Be excited about the presentation. If you don’t show your enthusiasm, audience will lose interest in you.

  • Control your pace. Don’t start in haste and burn all your energy in the first half. You will end up exhausted before you reach the conclusion. Maintain a calm and steady pace and distribute your energy evenly.

  • Use laymen terms, laymen language and read the room. Be ready to do improvs on the go.


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