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Are you prepared for an internet apocalypse?

Zombies! Okay, let’s get that out of our minds first. Imagine a zombie apocalypse where you find yourself stuck at home without power, fuel, or network access. Given your current skills and resources, how confident are you in your chances of survival? Now, let's leave the zombies behind and think about a pandemic, a natural disaster, or even an alien invasion - whatever it may be, your ability to survive will depend on your resourcefulness. End of Clickbait Paragraph.

Lately, I had this thought -what if there is no internet from tomorrow, what will I do? What will happen to my shopping, my banking, my entertainment, my work? I made a list of offline vs online services that I am using now and the result was pretty scary. 80% of the things that I do (and I will include myself here with a pretty big chunk of the population) are dependent on the internet.

Here is an extract of my cloud dependency

I feel its time for me to think about a backup plan. What if there is no internet one day and how will I kill time? (Yeah, that's my biggest worry now). So here’s my checklist of things to do.

Follow if you like.

[ ] Create a hard drive with a solid collection of entertainment — I mean movies, tv and music that has a lot of repeat value. Collect some Blu-rays perhaps.

[ ] Get physical copies of critical documents. Put them in a bank locker.

[ ] Try meeting people and talking directly whenever there is a chance.

[ ] Always keep some hard currency handy.

[ ] Read more content offline. Libraries, Books, Magazines etc

[ ] Get trained on basic survival skills (repair, construct, assembly etc

[ ] Try more analogue techniques for creative and productive tasks


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