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The Multimedia Training Paradox!

Our country always had this false notion that multimedia is for those who failed to get into a “superior” domain! So a fundamental problem exists in our Primary target group itself- which is absolutely okay since the industry is aware of this. The multimedia training sector always tried to simplify and keep content to the basics of this domain to cater to this group. For a while, such candidates did well in their careers as the industry was also open to the said crowd who could follow commands and execute a tool. Things started changing over the period when getting into the above mentioned “superior” programs became easier and easier. This brought down our audience further. We were presented with even worse leftovers. Then the worst happened- the pandemic!. This affected every generation, every tier but this made our primary target group harder to reform than ever. On the other side, the Multimedia industry became globally woke and started looking for candidates with much more value.

“Unemployement is never the problem, Unemployability is”

There is (always) of course the second set of Multimedia Candidates. Those who knows the value of this profession and has passion towards the domain. They will use their every chance to utilise learning services to the maximum, they don’t wait for a push and they know how to respect when they are provided with valuable content.

Unfortunately such students are very rare in our audience because of the pre-said assumptions. The majority lives on a different spectrum. They are totally unaware of their environment -socially, culturally, politically or aesthetically. (This is not what we call Generation Gap, which is a feeling of missing out when we talk to younger generation with superior awareness). This crowd cannot be motivated. It’s very hard to get them excited. This is a socio-cultural issue that won’t have a fast solution even if we search for it.

Most of the actions we do might not have an impact in this audience. If we have tried every possible strategy and yet we still feel that we are circling in the same loop, there is a gap. To tackle the issue and fix our primary audience , our training strategy needs to be redefined. The direction we are going might be right, but our mode of travel needs some refinement.

The only way to correct it is by hacking into their brains and working from there. Let’s teach them How to Learn any topic before we present them with Concepts, tools, applications and every other wisdom!

This is a slow process and there is no shortcut to it either. More on this later.

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